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Published: 29th June 2011
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The inside out golf swing refers to the swing plane that the golf club takes the way it passes through the golf ball. Swing plane is one of the golf swing tips that are generally difficult to master, but achieving an inside out golf swing shared using a grip that maintains the golf club face in correct position will allow any golfer to shape the golf ball as is necessary.

The golfer we target while talking regarding inside out golf swing drills is primarily the one who is bothered with a slice, or cutting crossways the ball on an outside to inside plane, therefore imparting clockwise spin on the golf ball. The natural inclination, when attempting to swing directly down the target line, is to take the club directly back from the golf ball. Because our golf motion is circular, which is, the club head in effect travels around the body, taking the golf club directly back will make it physically impossible to extend the golf swing in a straight line through the golf ball, or from the six o'clock position to a noon position on the golf ball.

So the first of our golf swing tips is, when we initiate the swing, to take the golf club from the golf ball from the seven o'clock point on the golf ball. On the takeaway, when I think my swing is at its best, it virtually feels like my hands are brushing past my right hip. As a rule the path you are taking the club back would be the path the golf club will come into the golf ball, so taking the club back correctly is necessary to initiate the correct inside out golf swing.

The next phase of our inside out golf swing drills is to ensure the club head "extends" through the golf ball to the one o'clock point. This requires some swing keys. If the hips and left shoulder open too premature, the hands, and thus the club, will have to follow, consequently pulling the golf club to possibly an eleven o'clock point on the ball, and more than likely a mishit. For one more of our inside out golf swing drills to be practiced at the driving range is, stick some tees in the ground on either side of a path to the seven o'clock position on the ball, then some more on each side of a pathway leading away from the one o'clock point. To start with, take a few easy swings getting your body to feel its position as the golf club head passes through the golf ball on an inside out golf swing plane. You'll likely feel the need to move the golf ball further back in the stance than you typically do, but with practice I'm certain you will be pleased with the outcome.

Our final of our golf swing tips will be the grip. It should be strong enough to get the golf club square to your ball at impact, or hitting the golf ball with an inside out swing will lead to a push shot going straight and right of target.

The great Ben Hogan once said, "You only hit a straight ball by accident". Most low handicappers attempt to shape the golf ball one way or the other, and by knowing which way they will shape it offers them greater margin for error. These inside out golf swing drills when perfected will allow you to consistently shape the ball right to left.

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